Five Things you Should Know About Dehydrating Food

Since dehydration food is one of the best ways to preserve food for a long time and is a must-have skill for preppers. In this article, we are going to some instructions related to letting the food dry and some inside tricks that will help you to get the best results every time.

For those living a prepper lifestyle and life as a settler on a homestead, having food that lasts longer or should not go to waste is pretty much important, especially if you are a prepper and your life depends on it. It is never easy to dehydrate your food without compromising either with taste or appearance.

So these are some important facts that you must know if you’re a prepper or a homesteader.

1. Pre-Steaming can go a Long Way

Those who have an experience of dehydrating food or have been doing for a while can tell you that some foods lend themselves to dehydration more naturally than others. Certain vegetables like broccoli and some kind of beans can benefit you more when pre-steamed before dehydration.

Are you one of those people who are particular about how their vegetables look? Then pre-steaming or a quick blanching before dehydration can maintain the color and nutritional content of your vegetables.

2. A Dedicated Machine is not Really Important

If you do a research you’ll see that food dehydrator are a clear obsession for the mortals who love to dehydrate their foods, but many of these can cost you several hundred dollars. Here’s a little secret involved with dehydrating your food is that you don’t have to fork out for your own machine. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of the features needed in a dehydrator to make the right pick.

You can simply use your oven or toaster oven to dehydrate your food. If you are residing in an area where the climate is up, sun drying can be another option for you.

Dehydrating Food

3. The Secret to done is ‘moisture’

Sometimes you’ll see that the food often comes out too dry. Cookbooks may have themes but at the end, most of the people don’t want to find those finer of dehydrating a cuisine. In the same, individuals just want to sit and enjoy their foods. No matter what type of food you are dehydrating, whether it is meat, fruit or vegetable, it is not necessary to clear out all the moisture.

In general, vegetables are easy to crush at 5% of moisture, fruits are bendable at around 10% of the moisture and meat can have as much as 20% of moisture.

4. The two C’s of Storage

The quality of storage can really make a difference in making or baking your efforts. If the moisture enters in your containers or you left the food in the environment that is too warm, the food starts to get bad within few days.

When it comes to storage, always remember these essential keys: two C’s and one D i.e. cool, clean and dry. If you are using a garage for storage, make sure that the packaging is tear-proof.

5. If you are not team vacuum seal, you should be

What if everything you prepared would still remain good for up to 20 years? How much food could you store? What would be the impact on your ability to stretch your food budget?

Well, this is not hypothetical with the vacuum seal. With some other type of storages, mold can sometimes take hold or the moisture can creep back in. But using a vacuum seal can ensure maximum freshness for around 20 years.

Dehydrating Food 2

What is so good about the homesteading is that it gives you a platform to acquire new skills. Not all your experiments work at once but when you look at an ample of harvest or crop that may go waste, food dehydration can be the best practical solution to it.

What would be better if you know how to dehydrate your own food, make the most of the good times and know how to manage food in lean times.

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Why You Should Use Natural Gas Grills For Your Backyard BBQ’s

The summer season wouldn’t be complete without a minimum of one outdoor barbecue. At one point in time, there was a highly restricted amount of foods that could be made on the grill. Today, modern conveniences permit us to cook almost any kind of food on the grill.

The simplest grill to cook on is definitely the natural gas grill. Natural gas grills are made to fasten right onto the house’s natural gas pipeline, thus eradicating the need to give the fuel resource. This eliminates all runs to the grocery store for more propane or charcoal.

Gas Grills

Another benefit of utilizing a natural gas grill is being able to monitor the temperature of which you cook in. Natural gas grills contain burner control panels that enable you to set various temperatures for various cooking sections in the grill. This permits you to cook your meet on one end while maintaining your end dished hot on the other.

Natural gas grills are capable of coming up with various kinds of cooking surfaces. These various cooking surfaces comprise of a BBQ surface, ribbed, and flat grill. Some grills present these kinds of surfaces as non-stick, which enables you to cook a large variety of foods that you could not even cook on a grill in other cases. Some of the gas grills hold a Wok sort of surface for cooking rice and pasta dishes, or even a whole rotisserie set that enables you to cook chicken.

Natural gas grills are definitely the most painless type to clean. There are some grills that require having the charcoal and wood briquettes replaced each time before cooking. Natural grills need only to be wiped clean. Some natural gas grills have a non-stick attribution, as well.

Natural gas grills are not transportable as you will be required to attach them to your natural gas pipeline, thus weight should not be a primary problem when you are shopping for your first grill. Rather, you need to take notice of the available surface area. Would it be possible to cook it for yourself and one additional person? Would you be able to cook for a large family of five?

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Discover a Better Way to Start Your Day

We love cereal, but it’s inevitably loaded with sugar and grains, and we work hard to stay healthy.

Breakfast Bites is the breakfast food that works just as hard as you do to keep you healthy. It has no added sugar and no grains, it’s 100% natural, and it’s made from superfoods like chia seeds. Oh…and it’s delicious!

How Does it Taste?

Breakfast Bites currently comes in one delicious flavor: Cinnamon Delight.

Cinnamon Delight is a refreshing cinnamon flavor with a hint of sweetness.We’re busily working on other flavors, so check back soon for updates.

Is Breakfast Bites a Cereal?

There are no grains (wheat, rice, or corn) in Breakfast Bites. So although it looks like a cereal and is best enjoyed with milk (cow, goat, coconut, or almond), it is not a cereal.

Breakfast Bites is a cereal alternative, loaded with the good stuff (fiber and omega-3) and missing all the junk (grains, sugar, and lots of carbs).

I like to add a good cup of black coffee to my daily breakfast. I personally use a Keurig K145 Coffee Brewer but you can use any cheaper single serve coffee machine.

What’s Great about Breakfast Bites?

We hope that the first thing you love is how great it tastes and how convenient and easy it is to eat. But there’s more…

Every bowl of Breakfast Bites is hand-made, and we use only the best ingredients. With each bowl, you’re getting lots of Omega-3s and Fiber while avoiding sugar and unhealthy grains.

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Yogurt and Coconut Milk Preparation

Whether you choose to eat our granola by itself


With Yoghurt or Coconut Milk


Or Even in Dark Chocolate


Our granola will provide you with a convenient, filling, and nutrient-dense meal or snack.

Order Now!

Available in either a 10oz Bag or as a pack of 3 10-ounce bags.


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Here’s How Louise’s Granola is Better:


Zero Grains

Zero Added Sugar

Zero Preservatives

Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

100% All-Natural

Louise’s Granola didn’t exist 50,000 years ago, but every ingredient in it did. We simply put them all together into an absolutely delicious granola that’s chunky, crunchy, and amazingly flavorful.

If you’re looking for an easier, quicker, and more Paleo way to start your day or for something to snack on when you get that afternoon craving, Louise’s Granola is what you’ve been waiting for.

By itself or with coconut milk, our granola will provide you with a convenient, filling, and nutrient-dense meal or snack.

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Nutrition Facts

We love for our food to taste great, but we’re also very concerned about whether or not it’s nourishing our bodies.

When you buy from Louise’s Foods, you have our guarantee that we’ve done everything we can to make our foods as healthy as possible.

In particular, we NEVER

  • Use any Grains (wheat, oats, etc.)
  • Add any Sugar (not even honey)
  • Use any Artificial Ingredients
  • Use any Preservatives

We’re pretty serious about making the healthiest foods possible. If you want to view the nutrition info or ingredients for any of our products, just click on the links below:

Louise’s Granola Nutrition Info
Louise’s Granola Ingredients
Breakfast Bites Nutrition Info
Breakfast Bites Ingredients
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Things You Should know.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Louise’s Products

What makes Louise’s Different?

We like to think that there are a lot of things that separate Louise’s products, but the real difference is how our products make you feel. Our foods are quick and convenient to eat, so you don’t need to spend every minute of your life cooking.

More importantly, by leaving out the grains, sugars, and artificial ingredients, our foods provide better and more consistent energy, help you avoid common gut and stomach problems, and generally make you feel better. And we think that feeling better is really the best difference we could ask for.

Among other things, our products have No Grains, No Added Sugar, and No Artificial Ingredients. Ever. Oh, and they’re Always Delicious.

Are Louise’s Products Gluten-Free?

None of our products are made from ingredients that contain gluten. However, we currently produce all of our products in a facility where gluten is present, so there may be trace amounts of gluten in our cereal.

Why aren’t Louise’s products in my Local Store?

Because you haven’t asked them for it enough! Just kidding! We’re actively trying to expand our presence in supermarkets and other food stores. If you run a grocery or food store and want to carry our products, then by all means, please let us know!

How are Louise’s Products Produced?

By Hand – and we’re not kidding this time. Every Louise’s product is made by hand in a licensed commercial kitchen. We love the fact that our products are hand-made because we know what goes into them every step of the way.

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