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Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Louise’s Products

What makes Louise’s Different?

We like to think that there are a lot of things that separate Louise’s products, but the real difference is how our products make you feel. Our foods are quick and convenient to eat, so you don’t need to spend every minute of your life cooking.

More importantly, by leaving out the grains, sugars, and artificial ingredients, our foods provide better and more consistent energy, help you avoid common gut and stomach problems, and generally make you feel better. And we think that feeling better is really the best difference we could ask for.

Among other things, our products have No Grains, No Added Sugar, and No Artificial Ingredients. Ever. Oh, and they’re Always Delicious.

Are Louise’s Products Gluten-Free?

None of our products are made from ingredients that contain gluten. However, we currently produce all of our products in a facility where gluten is present, so there may be trace amounts of gluten in our cereal.

Why aren’t Louise’s products in my Local Store?

Because you haven’t asked them for it enough! Just kidding! We’re actively trying to expand our presence in supermarkets and other food stores. If you run a grocery or food store and want to carry our products, then by all means, please let us know!

How are Louise’s Products Produced?

By Hand – and we’re not kidding this time. Every Louise’s product is made by hand in a licensed commercial kitchen. We love the fact that our products are hand-made because we know what goes into them every step of the way.

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