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We love cereal, but it’s inevitably loaded with sugar and grains, and we work hard to stay healthy.

Breakfast Bites is the breakfast food that works just as hard as you do to keep you healthy. It has no added sugar and no grains, it’s 100% natural, and it’s made from superfoods like chia seeds. Oh…and it’s delicious!

How Does it Taste?

Breakfast Bites currently comes in one delicious flavor: Cinnamon Delight.

Cinnamon Delight is a refreshing cinnamon flavor with a hint of sweetness.We’re busily working on other flavors, so check back soon for updates.

Is Breakfast Bites a Cereal?

There are no grains (wheat, rice, or corn) in Breakfast Bites. So although it looks like a cereal and is best enjoyed with milk (cow, goat, coconut, or almond), it is not a cereal.

Breakfast Bites is a cereal alternative, loaded with the good stuff (fiber and omega-3) and missing all the junk (grains, sugar, and lots of carbs).

I like to add a good cup of black coffee to my daily breakfast. I personally use a Keurig K145 Coffee Brewer but you can use any cheaper single serve coffee machine.

What’s Great about Breakfast Bites?

We hope that the first thing you love is how great it tastes and how convenient and easy it is to eat. But there’s more…

Every bowl of Breakfast Bites is hand-made, and we use only the best ingredients. With each bowl, you’re getting lots of Omega-3s and Fiber while avoiding sugar and unhealthy grains.

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